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C C Canning

Novelist - Screenwriter

Reality versus Fiction:

  • Reality is the springboard for fiction, but the point of fiction – the reason we read it and watch it – is that it better defines reality.
  • Fiction is limited only by our imagination, but reality is limited by our willingness to believe.
  • Truth has not proved to be a strong enough weapon to change the world.

A career that has spanned advertising and journalism, corporate finance and the making of award winning wines, in a life spread across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, has provided chris canning with a rich lode of experiences and locations to mine for his characters and their stories. While always writing, and thinking of himself as a writer from his earliest years, he did not prioritise his time towards that end until he was in his fifties. ‘Perhaps,’ he says, ‘it was necessary to live life before presuming I could write about it.’

The resulting voice is that of a person well travelled, skeptical and always aware of the contradictions that infect mankind’s capacity for both cruelty and kindness. No matter what the plot, his subject is the human condition.