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C C Canning

Novelist - Screenwriter


Many aspects of the story that led to my writing of Wild Life are based on information uncovered by investigative journalists over the last thirty years that has proven unpalatable when presented as fact and condemned as the product of conspiracy theorists.

When facts are too hard for people to accept directly the only recourse is to present them obliquely as fiction.

Every age has its well informed, brilliant and articulate messengers whose courage and morality deserves the world's attention but who are rejected as false prophets of paranoia. It is too much to ask people for the right to destroy their beliefs in the established status quo. They must be encouraged to re-fashion their beliefs for themselves. Fiction, by engaging the reader's participation and imagination, may achieve that better than polemics, no matter how well those polemics are informed. This, then, is a work of fiction: true fiction.

c c canning

When a painting bearing his signature is presented for sale at Christie's, and proves to be a forgery, it is taken by A J Faraday as further confirmation of his success as a painter of wildlife whose works are keenly sought. But the painting in question proves to be a surprisingly accurate copy of a work that Faraday had believed remained locked away in the private collection of The Paladin Foundation For The Environment under circumstances which should have precluded a forger ever having access to it.

On learning that the forgery was acquired in Vietnam, a country where the production of fake art is a well-developed cottage industry, Faraday sets off to track down the gallery that sold it. What begins as the pursuit of the source of a fraudulent painting gradually reveals itself as the pursuit of a far more pernicious and dangerous fraud being perpetrated by organisations operating below the radar in the recently war ravaged areas of Vietnam and Cambodia bordering Southern China where an epidemic of the H7N9 virus has broken out.

As he finds himself treading in the footsteps of The Paladin Foundation, Faraday is faced with the dilemma of unmasking truths that will put him in conflict with government and financial powers for whom he is no match, threatening his own safety and the safety of those who are close to him.

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The release date and formats of Wild Life will be announced during 2014 on this website. If you would like to receive early advice, and apply for a preview copy, please register your details on the Contact page.